American Crew

All American Guy

The American Crew brand is a range of products designed specifically for men providing cleansing and styling products for the hair but also has face and body products as part of its broader range so you can be an All-American Guy from top to tail.  They even use the image of one of the most famous and iconic men of the United States – Elvis Presley on some of the packaging to endorse the American roots.  The company was founded in 1994 and is based in Denver, Colorado but distributes widely throughout the world and here at Cheap Oz you can find many of their hair products.

Getting that Look

American Crew has a broad range of items to help you with getting your style just right whether it is an Elvis quiff with a defining paste or a fuller look if hair is fine and thinning and needs some extra body.

For a sporting, rugged look why not try a liquid wax which also works well for getting a smooth classic style as it gives great hold and shine if looking for something more sleek.

Or if you want something a little more extreme and right on trend at the moment, go for a mohawk or faded mohawk using a firm hold styling gel or heavy hold pomade to create the style and keep it in place.

The Basics

Of course to get and keep your hair in good condition you need a quality daily shampoo and conditioner, also essential for washing out and removing those styling products before you start again, for that look the next day.

Be part of the American Crew

You may not be out herding cattle on a prairie, drilling oil in Texas or closing some mega deal on Wall Street, New York but using an American Crew product which they unashamedly tag “Official Supplier to Men” may put a swagger in your step as you walk out with the best looking hair and style in town.