Saryna Key

Not content with bringing Moroccanoil to the beauty industry, the same founder of this great product – Mike Sabag, has also introduced the wonderful properties of Shea Butter to the world through the Saryna Key brand.

The natural ingredient Shea butter comes from the nuts of the African Shea tree; when ground up in a traditional manner it produces a rich butter which contains essential fatty acids, vitamins F, E and A plus proteins which are all great for improving the health and look of hair.

What to Choose

The Saryna Key brand has a number of different options to choose from when it comes to shampoos and conditioners whether you are looking for a something to boost volume, preserve colour or enhance gray hair they all contain shea butter but also a formula of other natural ingredients which are specially blended for that hair type.

To make it even simpler, and save pennies you can get a conditioner and shampoo in a duo pack.

But most importantly the blend with balance and moisturize your hair making it more manageable and healthier looking.

The Added Extras

Naturally the Saryna Key brand is going to also offer products that go the extra mile to help you with managing your hair and making it the best it can be. Items like the damage repair Shea hair oil will do great work in repairing dry and damaged hair from the first application you will notice improved shine and softness; after several applications hair will be stronger and better nourished.

For chemically treated hair a boost of Boha Shea which contains 60% keratin will improve the hair structure but also give protection from climate damage and restoring moisture to your hair.

Of if you want to get better control of curls or unruly hair a Shea cream with hold in two different strengths is a must have product, it will tame that hair and give you luscious, bouncy curls.

And if you want the full top to tail Shea butter experience then you can also indulge yourself with a body and hand butter duo that also contain the ingredients grape seed oil and chamomile extract which together with the shea butter will help lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated, smooth and soft, couldn’t ask for more.

It’s All Good

As a brand that is passionate about using natural ingredients for its products Saryna Key is also conscious of protecting the natural environment that provides these ingredients.  All of their bottles and containers are 100% recyclable, no animal testing is used when developing products and employees are encouraged to be active and aware in their local communities.

Also, key to the brand is giving the opportunity of employment to people with special needs within the communities that they work.

Gifts Galore

So, the countdown has started for Christmas and it’s time to get your thinking caps on and lists drawn up of what you are going to buy as gifts for your nearest, dearest, friends, work colleagues and maybe even a Secret Santa surprise too.

Cheap Oz is here to help you out with some great ideas big and small which will soon get that list whittled down without any circuits of the local mall!

The Big Stuff

If you are looking for a major gift for someone special in your life who has been dropping hints about needing a new hair dryer why not splash out and treat them to the GHD Hair Dryer Kit not only do you get one of the best hair dryers on the market, there are some added accessories too in this package. Or if you really want to push the boat out there is the GHD Styler and Hair Dryer Combo this top branded kit has it all – a quality styler and hairdryer plus handy accessories; buying them all together gives a big saving and makes it more of a thoughtful gift than just a new tool.

Something Helpful

Maybe your sister or best friend would really appreciate one of those gift sets that has everything in it and they don’t feel they can get for themselves such as a Bhave Rescue pack or Bhave Hydrator pack. They include large bottles of shampoo and conditioner but also helpful treatments of a deep intense masque, control oil and fresh ends products great for getting hair back into tip top condition.

Or travel packs are always welcome gifts whether it is for a quick weekend get away when a De Lorenzo Essential Weekend kit is just enough to keep things smooth or for longer trips the Moroccanoil Holiday Mini Kit contains hydrating shampoo and condition plus a bottle of treatment in travel friendly sizes.

Proper Pampering

Of course, everyone likes to receive something a bit different from the standard and budget conscious options they buy themselves so why not choose a gift such as the luxurious Morroccanoil Anniversary pack containing the classic hair treatment and also a body oil both great for hydrating hair and skin. Or Pure products have a range of gift packs containing three lovely and caring treatments which come with a cosmetic bag, check out their Precious, Goddess and Uplift trios for something a bit special.

A little something       

For those friends or family members who you don’t expect you to splash out too much cash on them there are also some great options such as the Evo Beauty is Skin Deep combo.   And if you are looking for a stocking filler or Secret Santa item what about a fun colour mousse from De Lorenzo which come in a number of different shades.

What Hair Conditioner is Best for You?

Just the same as our body’s come in different shapes and sizes and need different types of care, so does our hair. You should not consider every conditioner to be a “one-size-fits-all” type of deal. There are four things you should consider before looking into conditioners and these are whether your hair is thick or fine, treated naturally or relaxed, natural colour or dyed, and curly or straight. Here we are going to look into the kinds of conditioners made specifically for certain types of hair and how they work. Then you can choose which one is the best for you.

Thick or Fine Hair

Those people who have natural thick hair are extremely lucky. This means you do not need a specific moisturising conditioner if you have thick hair, especially if you want your hair to have volume. If your hair is coarse and dry while also being thick you should consider using a moisturising conditioner like Keune Care Vital Nutrition Conditioner. If you have hair that is thick as well as shiny then a lighter conditioner is recommended. This means that excess sebum won’t be produced, meaning your hair won’t look greasy and oily but keeps its natural shine. A daily conditioner like American Crew Daily Conditioner should do the job. On the other hand, if you have hair that is thin as well as fine, you’ll need a moisturising conditioner specifically for fine hair. A conditioner like Evo The Therapist Hydrating Conditioner is perfect for finer hair.

Natural or Relaxed Treated Hair

If your hair is naturally curly then a relaxed treatment is usually necessary from the salon. This is a chemical treatment which helps the hair to remain straight, making it easier to style and straighten your lock. With this in mind, and you choose to have the relaxing treatment you must then take very good care of your hair as it can become drier and brittle over time, especially with more than one relaxed treatment. You will need a gentle moisturising conditioner if you have this type of hair. Keaune So Pure Moisturising Conditioner is perfect for this as it contains high nourishing natural oils that replenish the moisture to your hair.

Natural or Dyed Hair

Chemical treatments like dying, highlighting, and bleaching can damage your hair depending on how often you perform these treatments. You will need a conditioner with highly nourishing elements. The conditioner should moisturise the damaged hair shafts and invigorates the scalp. You should have a conditioner with natural ingredients that has an effective emollient to create the best environment for your hair. Saryna Key Damage Repair African Shea Conditioner is perfect for restoring moisture to coloured hair.

Curly or Straight Hair

Those with naturally curly hair may suffer from greasy build-up in the scalp but have dry ends. This means that you should choose a conditioner which hydrates the hair between washing as well as being a light conditioner. A conditioner like Bhave Nourish Conditioner is perfect this type of hair.

Maintain Your Coloured Hair

Colouring your hair is very popular these days and gives you the ability to change how you look whenever you want. Whether you choose to go blonde, brunette, red, or even artificial colours, your hair will need a little extra attention if you want that colour to last. You don’t want to spend lots of money at the salon just to find the colour fading after only a week. We have gathered some tips and tricks to make sure your hair colour stays bright and lasts for a long time.

Shampoo 72 Hours after Colouring

The cuticle layer of your scalp is open when you colour your hair which makes it easier for the colour to penetrate the shaft of hair. If you wash your hair too soon after the colouring then the cuticle layer could still be open meaning the colour will easily wash out and leave your hair dull. The cuticle layer takes three days to fully close, so waiting for those three days before shampooing your hair can mean the pigment of colour will have soaked into the hair cuticle and will make the hair colour last longer in between colouring. Davines Nounou Shampoo is the perfect shampoo for bleached and dyed hair.

Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Many hair care products have sodium laureth sulphate which is a type of anionic detergent. This is what makes the products foam when using them in your hair. Using products with sulphates in them can lead to the stripping of your hair of its natural oils and moisture which also leads to stripping of the colour. There is no use spending lots of money for your colour just to have it stripped away because you’re using the wrong shampoo. Using a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner can keep your colour from becoming dull. Products like De Lorenzo Defence Duo Pack can aid you in keeping your colour sharp and bright.

Adding Dye to Your Conditioner

If you choose to dye your hair an artificial colour like pink, purple, or blue — especially considering these colours are all the range at the moment — then you might want to consider adding a little bit of your dye to your conditioner. This will give a slight re-dye to your hair every time you wash it to keep it looking fresher for longer. Use Davines Nounou Conditioner to get nourishment your hair will need.

Cooler Water Temperature

Hot water on your hair is not so great, especially if you’ve got a colour on it. The hot water opens the cuticles of your hair which means the colour can easily wash out when shampooing or conditioning. Having a colder shower can prevent this from happening. Rinse your hair will cold water after you condition to seal the moisture from your conditioner while also preventing the colour from fading.

Use Dry Shampoo

Use colour-safe dry shampoos for the days when you don’t wash your hair. Along with this note, try not to wash your hair too often as this can dull your hair quickly. On the days when you don’t wash your hair use dry shampoo to keep your style fresh.

Popular Hairstyle Trends

Style and trends are always changing and adapting, not just in the fashion world but with hair as well. Different colours become a trend and so do different styles and it can be important to some to keep up with the changing fashions. Most important of all is protecting and caring for your hair no matter what your preferred style is. Here we have chosen the top trends of the coming months and given advice on how to maintain and care for these styles.


Artificial colours are really hot at the moment, and they can be easy to achieve and maintain. Chalky pastels such as true rose, bluebell, and brûlée are popular colour choices and will add a bit of punch to your look. Peaches, light pinks, and apricot colours are also going to be popular as they give a lovely warm feeling to your look. With shorter hair coming back into fashion, a pastel colour can really pair nicely with these styles. Use a colour protection shampoo and conditioner like the GK Colour Protection Range to keep your hair bright and moisturised.

Short Hair

Long-bobs, bobs, and shoulder-length hair are becoming a popular trend and long hair is taking a back seat at the moment. Long-bobs with lots of texture for a freeing, simple, and fun look are perfect for easy styling and maintenance. Many women will long hair are chopping it off in the salons and feeling the freeing motion of having shorter hair. It is much easier to maintain and can be styled however you wish. Pair this style with a funky new colour like peach or chalky pastel colours and you’ll be catching everyone’s eye.

70s Style

There’s a new trend on the block — 70s style is back but with a new modern twist for everyone to enjoy. This includes curtain fringes, shag cuts, and heavy layering. A fringe that is textured and jagged is going to be a cool and popular look over the next couple of months. This look is easy to manage, can be worn in many different ways — to the side or split down the middle — and easy to style as such. The cut of your hair should be a sexy shag cut which has reversible layers. Layer from the cheekbones and give the hair a beautiful curve for the overall shag look. The GHD Air Hairdryer Kit with Diffuser and Cermaic Brush is the perfect hairdryer to tame and style this look.


The slicked back topknot is back and instead of spending hours liberally spraying salt spray, teasing and texturing your hair, sleek shiny hair is making a comeback. This does not mean you have to spend hours in front of the mirror with the straighteners, it simple means switching from your messy bun to a “slicked-back topknot”. This is perfect for hiding a bad hair day and gives much more of a polished look. Along with this easy to do hair style, smooth waves are coming back for the winter months. Use conditioning products like Bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque is recommended before style to bring out the natural shine to your hair.

Good Hair Day

The brand GHD which stands for Good Hair Day is now a world-renowned supplier of hair care products and in particular hair straightening tools endorsed by many celebrities including Madonna and Jennifer Aniston.

The rise of the company from its beginnings in 2001 to the present day has been sensational and all because three men – Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls based in Leeds, United Kingdom bought the rights to a hair straightening iron from a South Korean inventor and started selling it to salons.

Straight talking

Hair straightening irons are still the key product of the company with a broad range to choose from with the original styler still highly popular for getting a smooth and sleek finish. But there is also the more advanced version the GHD Max Styler which has wider plates making it easier to style longer and thicker hair. Or if you really want to treat yourself or friend to something special the limited edition gold styler comes with all the excellent standard features of a GHD straightener but also features the new dual-zone heat technology and to top it all has a real gold finish!

There is more

Having created a must have brand it only made sense to start offering other products to compliment the hair straighteners. Hairdryers were an obvious addition and the GHD air professional hairdryer is a very powerful tool giving a fast blow dry with less frizz than standard hairdryers.

Of course you can’t overlook the range of brushes that GHD now have available from the paddle brush to a number of different sized ceramic vented radial brushes which have been professionally designed and hand finished for a quality product.

Or if you are looking to keep up with the latest trend check out the professional crimper tool, great for adding volume and texture and that back to the 80’s look.

To help maintain your hair in good condition through all the styling you can also stick with the GHD brand with items such as the split end therapy treatment or the heat protect spray.

World domination

So, for a company that starting from humble beginnings and hasn’t yet reached its twentieth birthday it has done extremely well in dominating the world market. This is probably because they offer excellent high-quality products, with well thought out safety features built in.

They have a great line up of celebrities and professional stylists happy to endorse and use their products and with a registered trademark of good hair day, every day anyone can now  feel positive about getting their hair styled just right.

Pump It Up

You may not want to go back to the extremes of the 80s with your hair volume, but for lots of hair styles you need to get some volume in there to make it work for you and avoid the limp and lifeless look. Of course, it’s all about knowing how to keep that volume there once you have built it up so let’s look at some options.

Getting the right stuff

First of all, you need to consider your hair type and how well it holds a style. Fine, straight hair is going to need more help than say course hair with a bit of a natural wave. Using a product that works on your roots such as Moroccanoil Root Boost is great for fine hair as it adds texture to the roots, giving them extra lift which in turn helps give more volume during the styling process. However, if you are just looking for something to give a bit more lift to limp hair which may also be greasy, a light-weight formula used in Bhave’s volumizing conditioner lifts the hair but also leaves it feeling full of life and soft to the touch.

To get that extra-hold in a back-comb style bring out the Keune Design Volume Powder applying it directly to the roots means that style is not going anywhere.

For that Special Effect

It may be that you are looking for a very specific finish that has volume such as the ‘just come from the beach’ look, a number of products use actual sea salt to achieve this such as the Keune Sea Salt Spray. For men the American Crew Boost Powder delivers extra ‘grit’ and strength for a quiff that will defy gravity.

For making the most of those curls you naturally have or have freshly created which deserve definition instead of frizz, the Evo Shape Vixen lotion will have them sleek and tamed but still keep the bounce and volume you love.

Of course, when styling your hair and to increase the volume your tools are important too and of course the bigger the better. To get more volume into long hair you need to be going super-sized with your styling brush such as the ceramic ones from GK Hair. Adding the diffuser to the GHD Hair dryer is guaranteed to really pump up the volume of those curls and waves.

You have the power!


Italian Passion

The Davines brand came about when the Davines Group, based in Parma, Italy took the decision of producing products with their name on them. For many years previously, they had been a respected research laboratory which had been developing and producing high quality hair and beauty products for other well-known companies, but in 1996 they took the step to market their own brand exclusively for salons. Being of Italian origin it has been built to reflect the art, history and passion of the country but also to be stylish and simple.

‘Lab’ Results

Naturally coming from a laboratory base, it makes sense that the brand chose to put its products in containers that reflect these origins for a stylish twist, even the labelling makes it look as though it was lifted straight off a lab worktop with clear details of how to use it and the ingredients. There is an essence of magic with products such as Alchemic Silver Shampoo and Conditioner that does wonders to balance out the colour of hair that has been bleached both by the sun or colourant and give it much needed nourishment. Or should you need help with problems such as hair loss or over production of sebum, a few drops of the Energizing Superactive potion can soon help put things right.

It’s not all Wizardry

Of course, it isn’t a case of Wizardry with Davines products, it is through thorough research and the use of natural, sustainable ingredients that are known to clean, protect and enhance hair that you get such great results. For example the Nounou shampoo uses locally produced tomato extract for use on permed or bleached hair and the Nounou conditioner also contains almond butter to smooth and hydrate. Or if you just need a mild daily shampoo and conditioner that can be used on any type of hair then the OI Absolute Beautifying products containing Roucou (Annatto) Oil are perfect. There is even a treatment oil if you need a bit of help with smoothing and enhancing the shine of your hair.

And for a little extra care

If you need some extra help with your hair maybe it is thinning and brittle or you have a sensitive scalp then the Naturaltech Energizing shampoo can be used as either an intensive treatment or every couple of days for a month will give it the boost required. Or maybe you just want to make the most of your curls and calm down any frizz so a dose of Love Smoothing conditioner after using Love smoothing shampoo both containing olive extracts will do just that.

You can even give your body a treat using the OI Body Wash for a softening and moisturizing experience.


From Us to You

Bhave was founded by two women Sheryl and Michelle who understood the challenges of managing hair that does not always want to co-operate. Having had plenty of experience themselves, they wanted to offer a brand that gives great solutions as well as being ethical.

The Bhave brand is fairly new on the scene but prides itself on having a fantastic reputation already, especially in respect of hair taming hair products – smooth is their main aim and much of this is achieved through the unique fully active bio-keratin that is used in their products.

Super Smooth

Products like the Super Nova leave-in Elixir works miracles on all types of hair calming it and giving it strength and nourishment, leaving hair with a smooth and shiny finish with just a small amount and not much effort.

Having problems with split ends and dry hair? Using fresh ends serum soon sorts these out and gives you that smooth polished look with a boost of oils such as Argan and Macadamia for much needed moisture.

Using the deep intense conditioning masque once a week is particularly good for rescuing hair that is badly damaged through colouring, heat or stress and soon gives you back the strength and shine you are desperate for.

The Basics

Of course, the serums and masques give the extra treatment your hair may need for you to bring it back under control but going back to the basics of shampooing and conditioning your hair with one of the range of Bhave products gives good grounding to better hair.

The Hydrator shampoo and conditioner are great for getting moisture back into dry and lifeless hair or if you need to get extra body into limp, fine hair use the magnify shampoo and conditioner bringing it much needed body and volume and making it much easier to style.

It may be that your coloured blonde hair is getting a bit brassy looking and loosing it’s power so using a colour boosting product will soon fix that. Or is dandruff stressing you and your hair out? Then reach for the anti-dandruff shampoo and a relevant conditioner and calm will be restored to your scalp and hair and you can get on with creating that knock out style.

It has it all

With the Bhave brand you not only get products that help your hair to be it’s best and look it’s best, but the ingredients used are paraben, salt and sulphate free, not tested on animals and the natural ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. Together with the enticing fragrances of the products and bold and simple packaging you can understand why it is a top selling brand in Australia and used by many to get their hair ‘behaving’.


Amazing Argan Oil

The Moroccanoil brand is based on the key ingredient – Argan Oil which comes from Argan trees which are endemic to the country of Morocco, hence the name. For hundreds of years the oil has been used for many purposes, not just hair and body care but also as an all-purpose oil in cooking, much like olive oil.

The founder of the Moroccanoil brand decided to set up business having discovered the restorative properties Argan oil gave to hair after damage and realised there was a market out there for products containing this incredible oil. Sure enough, after ten years, the Moroccan Oil brand is probably the largest and best-known company offering beauty products containing Argan oil.

The Basics

It all started with the original Moroccanoil treatment, this treatment containing Argan oil can be applied to the hair giving it protection and conditioning without any residue. It instantly improves the look and feel of any hair and over time repairs damage and continues to improve the look and texture.

So much more

Moroccanoil soon realised that it wasn’t necessary to stick to just one basic product and that Argan oil could be utilised in many other hair products. You could use say a shampoo or conditioner which does the job required such as hydrating or boosting volume but you will also get the added benefits of this amazing oil. Why stop there when there is high demand for styling products whether it is a root boost to give more volume for big hairstyles or a curl defining cream to combat frizz and give a headful of bouncing beautiful curls? Having the additional ingredient of Argan oil in there means you get the added protection and nourishing qualities to minimise damage to your hair. Of course, to help create those styles you will need just the right size and type of brush so you can now even purchase Moroccanoil branded ceramic styling brushes in both barrel and paddle shapes, that come with a sectioning tip stored in the easy grip handle. For the budding stylist you can even get a whole set of the brushes together with a bottle of Moroccanoil treatment and a handy branded yoga bag to put them in.

Always to hand

Once you have got to appreciate the benefits of using Moroccanoil products no doubt you may panic at the thought of not always having them to hand, but they have even thought about this. If it is a quick refresh of your hair when you don’t have time to shampoo you can use one of their dry shampoos for a quick fix and when out and about or off travelling and in need of compact sized essentials then the holiday mini kit is ideal.