Italian Passion

The Davines brand came about when the Davines Group, based in Parma, Italy took the decision of producing products with their name on them. For many years previously, they had been a respected research laboratory which had been developing and producing high quality hair and beauty products for other well-known companies, but in 1996 they took the step to market their own brand exclusively for salons. Being of Italian origin it has been built to reflect the art, history and passion of the country but also to be stylish and simple.

‘Lab’ Results

Naturally coming from a laboratory base, it makes sense that the brand chose to put its products in containers that reflect these origins for a stylish twist, even the labelling makes it look as though it was lifted straight off a lab worktop with clear details of how to use it and the ingredients. There is an essence of magic with products such as Alchemic Silver Shampoo and Conditioner that does wonders to balance out the colour of hair that has been bleached both by the sun or colourant and give it much needed nourishment. Or should you need help with problems such as hair loss or over production of sebum, a few drops of the Energizing Superactive potion can soon help put things right.

It’s not all Wizardry

Of course, it isn’t a case of Wizardry with Davines products, it is through thorough research and the use of natural, sustainable ingredients that are known to clean, protect and enhance hair that you get such great results. For example the Nounou shampoo uses locally produced tomato extract for use on permed or bleached hair and the Nounou conditioner also contains almond butter to smooth and hydrate. Or if you just need a mild daily shampoo and conditioner that can be used on any type of hair then the OI Absolute Beautifying products containing Roucou (Annatto) Oil are perfect. There is even a treatment oil if you need a bit of help with smoothing and enhancing the shine of your hair.

And for a little extra care

If you need some extra help with your hair maybe it is thinning and brittle or you have a sensitive scalp then the Naturaltech Energizing shampoo can be used as either an intensive treatment or every couple of days for a month will give it the boost required. Or maybe you just want to make the most of your curls and calm down any frizz so a dose of Love Smoothing conditioner after using Love smoothing shampoo both containing olive extracts will do just that.

You can even give your body a treat using the OI Body Wash for a softening and moisturizing experience.