De Lorenzo

A Family Brand

This Australian company that was founded by brothers Anton and Vincent over thirty years ago is a major success story and is still a family run business with their sons Chris, Anthony and Vincent carrying on the baton. Their mission is to provide products that are made with natural ingredients, that are environmentally savvy and most importantly do not contain any animal products or tested on animals which makes them an easy choice for followers of the vegan philosophy as well as general customers with a conscience.

Naturally Good

The key to the De Lorenzo brand is that all ingredients are plant based, organic, farmed sustainably and where possible, wild-harvested so anything from their defence shampoo containing Argan Oil to their volumising lotion with sea weed extracts and frangipani oil are not only going to be great for your hair but you can be sure that the key ingredients have been responsibly sourced, so great for the environment too.

What a Treat

There are specialist treatments available from the De Lorenzo brand too which can help you with any number of challenges your hair may throw at you. Frizzy hair can be tamed in an instant with a satur8 product, it helps soften the hair and reduces fly away ends making it more manageable and softer. If you need a more long term treatment to help with oily or itchy scalp then why not choose a natural scalp therapy kit. The cleanser, conditioner and toner will work to calm down excessive sebum production and inflammation on your scalp and also keeps the hair moisturised and the natural acids balanced to improve the overall look of your hair.

For dry and damaged hair bring it back to life with an equilibrium treatment such as a masque or rejuven8 intense treatment which is particularly good for improving the strength of coloured hair.

So Colourful

To enhance and protect the colour of your hair whether natural or coloured then the Novafusion range has everything you could possibly need. There are shampoos to give a natural look, preventing brassy tones creeping through, to ones that make red elements positively shine out. This is all done through the use of natural plant ingredients and extracts.

Finish off with a colour care conditioner which will protect your hair from colour fade and give it extra brilliance.

If you want to add some extra colour to your hair, but are not sure what to go for and do not want a permanent solution until you have found the right one for you, then check out the Novasemi range of mousses which come in ten different shades from natural brown to the outrageous and delicious sounding mango daiquiri. It takes just 20 minutes for the mousse to work and lasts for between 6 and 8 washes. Great for selecting a new hair colour or for a   fun one off party piece!