EVO – A Fun and Funky Brand

If you are looking for a hair care brand with a wide range of products and a tongue in cheek attitude then Evo is the brand for you. The ethos of Evo products is that you get a great product with none of those destructive additions like sulphates or parabens, just environmentally friendly ingredients that do the job with no fussy packaging and promotion. The added bonus is the messaging on the bottles puts a smile on your face and boosts your mood!

Take Your Pick

Whether your hair is straight, curly, dyed or in need of a boost there is going to be a selection of Evo products that are there for you.

If you are wanting that smooth and glossy look on those long straight tresses and keeping the frizz under control then it’s in the bag with a mane tamer shampoo and conditioner plus a lockdown smoothing treatment to finish. You’ll be left with smoother, stronger and shinier hair to flick and flirt with to your heart’s content.

Is your hair in need of some tender loving care, is it brittle and losing its colour? Then reach for salvation in a repairing shampoo and repairing conditioner it will soon be bouncing back and gleaming for all to see especially if you add in a protein treatment.

It’s All About the Boys

Evo is not just about hair products for the girls they do stuff for the boys too. Get a no nonsense duo pack containing shampoo and a texture paste – a one stop shop for cleaning and styling, job done. Or if you are wanting to spend a little more time and effort on getting that look just right how about some bonding resin to really knock things into shape or the tousled salty dog look of having just come from a session in the surf not the office!

Added Extras

But it’s not all about the hair there are some other products too in the Evo range. For the man in your life who perhaps needs to be introduced to a manly moisturiser to help with razor burn or to soften him up in general why not treat him to a winners face balm. Or how about a his or hers gift set that combines hair products with face and body goodies, great for gifting to friends or a handy travel pack for you.

The Good Stuff

Not only does the Evo brand try where possible to use natural ingredients and not test on animals, it also takes additional steps towards improving the environment. Recycled paper is used for promotional materials, products are contained in 100% recyclable containers and through government accredited carbon offset credits it offsets its carbon footprint. All good stuff to consider when you are making yourself look good.