Good Hair Day

The brand GHD which stands for Good Hair Day is now a world-renowned supplier of hair care products and in particular hair straightening tools endorsed by many celebrities including Madonna and Jennifer Aniston.

The rise of the company from its beginnings in 2001 to the present day has been sensational and all because three men – Martin Penny, Gary Douglas, and Robert Powls based in Leeds, United Kingdom bought the rights to a hair straightening iron from a South Korean inventor and started selling it to salons.

Straight talking

Hair straightening irons are still the key product of the company with a broad range to choose from with the original styler still highly popular for getting a smooth and sleek finish. But there is also the more advanced version the GHD Max Styler which has wider plates making it easier to style longer and thicker hair. Or if you really want to treat yourself or friend to something special the limited edition gold styler comes with all the excellent standard features of a GHD straightener but also features the new dual-zone heat technology and to top it all has a real gold finish!

There is more

Having created a must have brand it only made sense to start offering other products to compliment the hair straighteners. Hairdryers were an obvious addition and the GHD air professional hairdryer is a very powerful tool giving a fast blow dry with less frizz than standard hairdryers.

Of course you can’t overlook the range of brushes that GHD now have available from the paddle brush to a number of different sized ceramic vented radial brushes which have been professionally designed and hand finished for a quality product.

Or if you are looking to keep up with the latest trend check out the professional crimper tool, great for adding volume and texture and that back to the 80’s look.

To help maintain your hair in good condition through all the styling you can also stick with the GHD brand with items such as the split end therapy treatment or the heat protect spray.

World domination

So, for a company that starting from humble beginnings and hasn’t yet reached its twentieth birthday it has done extremely well in dominating the world market. This is probably because they offer excellent high-quality products, with well thought out safety features built in.

They have a great line up of celebrities and professional stylists happy to endorse and use their products and with a registered trademark of good hair day, every day anyone can now  feel positive about getting their hair styled just right.