GK Hair – Something Special

The GK Hair (Global Keratin) brand is quite a young company but has made a big impact on the hair products market having developed a unique and innovative form of keratin which is called Juvexin which is derived from sheep wool which once it has been through an environmentally friendly process delivers a product as close to a person’s natural hair keratin as possible to help protect and restore all hair types to their very best.

So how does this help you?

As Juvexin is in all GK Hair shampoos and conditioners you get the benefit of this hair taming system which binds and coats your hair while giving a protective finish against damage from UV and maintaining a soft and shiny look. The range also includes products for use on colored hair including a shampoo, a conditioner and color masque which are very effective because GK Hair products do not contain sodium chloride which can strip dye color from the hair. The special Juvexin is even found in ‘leave in’ products such as styling mousse, hair spray, hair serum with Argan oil and for that quick fix of dry shampoo ultimately giving you more added protection and a taming influence to your hair.

That’s not all

GK Hair also offers a number of other products to assist you with getting your style just right once you have washed and protected your hair. This includes an excellent range of styling brushes from thermal round brushes in different diameters, a selection of vent brushes, hair clips and even a mini titanium flat iron – great for when you are out and about.    

The bigger picture

For those of you who are looking for wholesale options check out the wholesale information for bulk buying. Salon professionals will also find this area helpful for getting advice and assistance on GK Hair products as CheapOz are the exclusive representatives in Victoria for the brand.

This is because GK Hair (Global Keratin) company has a training academy based in Fort Lauderdale, they provides trainers and educationalists who work with distribution partners worldwide to ensure that salons understand how to use GK products and get the best out of them for their clients and gain certification.

All of this makes GK Hair one of the most respected brands globally with numerous awards to its name and a growing empire which already delivers products to over seventy countries and has 135,000 salons across the world. Not bad work for a company that has only been around for just over ten years!