Need to quench that Thirst?

Is your hair thirsty? Then Juuce hair products are just what it needs. This contemporary Australian brand which packs six botanicals into every product means your hair need never go thirsty again. Using extracts of natural products such as lime, aloe vera and dandelion not only makes your mouth water at the thought of all that goodness, but because the brand does not use sulphates or parabens and is not tested on animals; vegetarians and vegans can safely use the products within their regime knowing that all is good.

Looking Good Too

Not only do Juuce products make the most of some great natural ingredients, the metallic and pastel colourways used for the packaging quite often tie in with the function of the product like the fun pastel sprays. These add a touch of colour when you want a quick change or try their futurist silver bottle holding a miracle treatment inside which makes you just want to reach out and grab them to make you look good too.

It Says it All

Straight talking terminology on the products also make Juuce products an easy choice as literally it does exactly what it says on the bottle. Want to keep those tresses under control? Then a tube of Texture Control fibre cream will soon have them sorted, or got a problem with some unwelcome visitors? Then the Knot Knitty Head lice treatment pack includes the necessary gel, spray and comb to deal with them. Even things like a conditioner sum up on the front label as to what it will do for your hair without working your way through the small print.

What a bonus

Many of the Juuce products available through Cheapoz.com come as duo packs such as the time saving dry shampoo and conditioner pack or the volume boosting duo meaning you save on getting the two items together. Or, for an even better deal there are various trio packs which include a specialised shampoo and conditioner for your hair type such as silver blonde, silk hydrate and they come with the bonus of a bottle of 20 in 1 Miracle treatment.

So, you get a whole bunch of home grown, home produced products at competitive prices which will repair, smooth, moisturise and protect your hair so it stays strong and healthy and smells great too, what more could you possibly want?