A European Elder Brand

The Keune Brand has a great pedigree having first been set up in the Netherlands over ninety five years ago. Originally set up by Jan Keune, a Chemist who produced a new type of perming product and the company grew from there with the son and grandsons of Jan Keune still involved in this family business today.

Naturally there has been a big expansion of the business from the early days of the 1920’s with the extensive range of Keune products now exported to over seventy countries around the world and they have also branched out into supplying educational tools and advising on business concepts for salons and the importance of passion and integrity still hold true for this family that still own and operate the business from its base in the Netherlands.

So Much Choice

I suppose it can only be expected that a brand that has been around for so long has had the chance to build up an extensive product line which ranges from your standard daily shampoo to specialist treatments such as a split ends serum and non-permanent colour pigments to add a bit of fun and zing to your hair.

The brand has even set up a range specifically for men, after all, three generations of men have been running the company so it does makes sense to have something targeting that group and in commemoration of when the company was founded it is called 1922 BY J.M. KEUNE. and includes skin products as well as hair.

Let’s Check Out some Options

Keune pride themselves on offering a range of products specifically designed for coloured hair for keeping it in the best condition and showing the colour in its best light with items such as their Tinta Colour Shampoo and conditioner which includes UV protection to avoid colour fading and sun damage. The So Pure Colour Care range offers Leave In Spray and Essential Oil  items which further supplement the work of the colour care formulated shampoos and conditioners.

For styling help with your hair the Design Line range is bound to have something for you whether it is a firm hold you are after using a molding paste or a light touch of lacquer to set a style in place or something to accentuate those curls you will find a wealth of options.

If you need something to help with the care of your hair or a specific treatment you also have a fantastic choice from across all the Keune ranges. For example, if you need help controlling oily hair then a shampoo that calms the scalp and slows the production of sebum is a big help. Or for hair that has become extremely dry and damaged a touch of a nutrition mask can work wonders on bringing it back to health but also protecting it from more damage.

And there’s more

There really is a huge range of products from the Keune brand and under all their different ranges so whether you are looking for that shiny sleek finish to your hair or even a quick fix of dry shampoo check out this brand steeped in tradition but at the fore front of innovation.