Losing It!

Most of us treasure our hair even if at times it is too straight, too curly or just won’t lay the way you want it to but we work with it and tame it as best we can and face the world out there. However, when you notice more of it is coming out than usual when you are brushing or washing it, and those ‘thin’ patches are getting even thinner then, it is only natural to go into panic mode.

Root Cause

There can be many reasons for an increase in hair loss or thinning hair and the majority are temporary and possible to fix quite easily. As we know, nature can be very clever sometimes and in the case of temporary hair loss that is quite often your body telling you that your diet or lifestyle is literally ‘stressing’ out your body. Often your hair is the first signal to address the issue and may prevent far more serious damage to the rest of your body in due course.    

Bad diet, an accident, a short period of ill health like the flu or a change of environment can all be a factor to your hair deteriorating and usually this is because the natural cycle of your hair growth has been disrupted and part of that cycle is shedding which goes into overdrive as a response. Luckily for most of us these can be reversed once a better diet, full health is re-gained or any other damaging changes are addressed, but be patient as it can take a little  while and will require some work.

Some solutions

With temporary hair loss and thinning there are some products that can help your hair to look better and fuller, supplementing the other improvements you are doing to get your hair back to where it was and give it the boost it and you need. A hair thickening product does exactly what it says – it strengthens the keratin in your hair and boosts re-growth leading to your hair improving and getting thicker.

Often hair loss can be due to problems with your scalp, which may also be sensitive so an active shampoo that is gentle but re-balances the scalp environment will help with flaking etc. and with an improved scalp, thicker, healthier hair will return.

Sometimes hair loss is also due to bad treatment of the hair, too many treatments and excessive heat, like your skin, it sometimes just needs a break and some TLC (Tender Loving Care). Using an energising shampoo which is sulphate and paraben free and full of natural stimulating ingredients can give your hair a much needed vitamin boost and allow it to recover and get back to its natural good growth cycle.

A fortifying lotion and fortifying shampoo can be really helpful to men who want to slow down their hair thinning as they can lengthen the hair cycle, meaning the shedding cycle is less frequent and at the same time they boost the hair growth making it stronger looking fuller.