Amazing Argan Oil

The Moroccanoil brand is based on the key ingredient – Argan Oil which comes from Argan trees which are endemic to the country of Morocco, hence the name. For hundreds of years the oil has been used for many purposes, not just hair and body care but also as an all-purpose oil in cooking, much like olive oil.

The founder of the Moroccanoil brand decided to set up business having discovered the restorative properties Argan oil gave to hair after damage and realised there was a market out there for products containing this incredible oil. Sure enough, after ten years, the Moroccan Oil brand is probably the largest and best-known company offering beauty products containing Argan oil.

The Basics

It all started with the original Moroccanoil treatment, this treatment containing Argan oil can be applied to the hair giving it protection and conditioning without any residue. It instantly improves the look and feel of any hair and over time repairs damage and continues to improve the look and texture.

So much more

Moroccanoil soon realised that it wasn’t necessary to stick to just one basic product and that Argan oil could be utilised in many other hair products. You could use say a shampoo or conditioner which does the job required such as hydrating or boosting volume but you will also get the added benefits of this amazing oil. Why stop there when there is high demand for styling products whether it is a root boost to give more volume for big hairstyles or a curl defining cream to combat frizz and give a headful of bouncing beautiful curls? Having the additional ingredient of Argan oil in there means you get the added protection and nourishing qualities to minimise damage to your hair. Of course, to help create those styles you will need just the right size and type of brush so you can now even purchase Moroccanoil branded ceramic styling brushes in both barrel and paddle shapes, that come with a sectioning tip stored in the easy grip handle. For the budding stylist you can even get a whole set of the brushes together with a bottle of Moroccanoil treatment and a handy branded yoga bag to put them in.

Always to hand

Once you have got to appreciate the benefits of using Moroccanoil products no doubt you may panic at the thought of not always having them to hand, but they have even thought about this. If it is a quick refresh of your hair when you don’t have time to shampoo you can use one of their dry shampoos for a quick fix and when out and about or off travelling and in need of compact sized essentials then the holiday mini kit is ideal.