NAK – True Oz Brand

Nak is a truly Australian brand of hair care products, founded in 2003 and owned and run by three experienced hair care specialists who know the Australian hairdressing industry well. They wanted to provide products to the professional hairdressing industry of Australia which reflect and encompass the unique position and atmosphere of the country with its vast blue skies, surrounding oceans and laid back lifestyle.

Beach Blonde

A speciality of the Nak brand are its products for keeping that beach blonde hair in the best condition starting with the basics of their Nak Blonde Shampoo  and Nak Blonde Conditioner products.  But there is much more to this range such as a leave in moisturiser that helps with de-tangling and sealing cuticle ends; then there are the products to help with the toning of blonde hair, preventing those brassy yellow shades such as the toning foam or yellow shampoo which deliver blue and violet pigments to the hair giving it a much cooler tone of blonde and also works well on grey hair.

The caring side

It is not all about blondes, the Nak brand has a broad range of products that care for all hair types and colours which give great protection and finish whether it is to give dry and damaged hair an additional treatment or to hydrate and avoid colour fade with a specially formulated conditioner and shampoo. For really dry hair structure complex protein products give a real boost restoring damaged and dry hair to something softer and silkier. When it comes to styling use a protective styling spray which helps protect your hair from the extremes of heat but also humid weather or a leave in styling treatment with built in UV protection.

Something a bit different

Need something in particular to really work those luscious locks? Then how about a smooth straightening creme or if are you going for the full ‘fresh from the beach’ look use a surf styler containing real sea salt.

For a light touch a finishing creme will maintain soft shapes while taming loose strands or if you need something with more punch, a high volume texture spray or a styling powder is the way to go.

Those natural benefits

Whichever Nak products you use you can be sure that they are free from parabens and sulphates and not tested on animals. They also make use of many of the natural products which come courtesy of Australia’s natural resources such as marine nutrients, sea salt and natural plant oils.