Paul Mitchell – A Worthy Brand

Did you know that the Paul Mitchell brand was one of the first companies to not use animal testing for professional hair products.  The ethos of the brand when it first started was to not test on animals, to protect and give back to the earth through charitable work; something that the brand still continues to do 35 years on.   So not only do you get a great range of products for your hair through purchasing a Paul Mitchell item you are aiding the company’s charity work.

Cleaning Up

Let’s start with getting those luscious locks all fresh and clean but which shampoo is best for you? If you need to wash your hair on an every day basis and don’t want the worry of stripping out all those natural oils using a gentle daily shampoo just a small amount does the job and leaves you with soft and manageable hair ready for the day ahead.

You may require a volume boosting shampoo if you have fine hair so a shampoo with Extra Body will work great for you giving extra volume and life to hair that maybe worn down.

Or if you are one of the people that has problems with flyaway or frizzy hair a fighting shampoo can calm all this down giving you a silky smooth finish or soft bouncing curls.

For that ultimate wash of both your hair and body why not try out a shampoo with Awapuhi as an active ingredient.  Awapuhi is a member of the ginger family and is now more commonly known as Shampoo Ginger due to it’s wide use in hair products!

Smoothing Down

Once you are done with your shampooing you will want to finish off with a suitable conditioner which compliments the work your shampoo has done.

So, if you need to keep on with managing that frizz use a detangler product that is creamy and defines your curls as well as upping the de-frizzing with Jojoba oil.

Alternatively if are you want to up the volume and bounce of your hair a conditioner containing Panthenol helps with this as well as giving protection from heat and styling.

Needing some extra help to strengthen and protect your fine and delicate hair?  This calls for something with more punch such as a strong daily conditioner with a formula that protects and repairs but also with the added bonus of UV protection which can lessen any further damage to your hair.

Embrace the Brand

Paul Mitchell is a brand that are leaders in being able to combine producing excellent high quality and innovative products while avoiding animal testing and caring for people and the planet, that’s not a bad combination to embrace and benefit from.