Popular Hairstyle Trends

Style and trends are always changing and adapting, not just in the fashion world but with hair as well. Different colours become a trend and so do different styles and it can be important to some to keep up with the changing fashions. Most important of all is protecting and caring for your hair no matter what your preferred style is. Here we have chosen the top trends of the coming months and given advice on how to maintain and care for these styles.


Artificial colours are really hot at the moment, and they can be easy to achieve and maintain. Chalky pastels such as true rose, bluebell, and brûlée are popular colour choices and will add a bit of punch to your look. Peaches, light pinks, and apricot colours are also going to be popular as they give a lovely warm feeling to your look. With shorter hair coming back into fashion, a pastel colour can really pair nicely with these styles. Use a colour protection shampoo and conditioner like the GK Colour Protection Range to keep your hair bright and moisturised.

Short Hair

Long-bobs, bobs, and shoulder-length hair are becoming a popular trend and long hair is taking a back seat at the moment. Long-bobs with lots of texture for a freeing, simple, and fun look are perfect for easy styling and maintenance. Many women will long hair are chopping it off in the salons and feeling the freeing motion of having shorter hair. It is much easier to maintain and can be styled however you wish. Pair this style with a funky new colour like peach or chalky pastel colours and you’ll be catching everyone’s eye.

70s Style

There’s a new trend on the block — 70s style is back but with a new modern twist for everyone to enjoy. This includes curtain fringes, shag cuts, and heavy layering. A fringe that is textured and jagged is going to be a cool and popular look over the next couple of months. This look is easy to manage, can be worn in many different ways — to the side or split down the middle — and easy to style as such. The cut of your hair should be a sexy shag cut which has reversible layers. Layer from the cheekbones and give the hair a beautiful curve for the overall shag look. The GHD Air Hairdryer Kit with Diffuser and Cermaic Brush is the perfect hairdryer to tame and style this look.


The slicked back topknot is back and instead of spending hours liberally spraying salt spray, teasing and texturing your hair, sleek shiny hair is making a comeback. This does not mean you have to spend hours in front of the mirror with the straighteners, it simple means switching from your messy bun to a “slicked-back topknot”. This is perfect for hiding a bad hair day and gives much more of a polished look. Along with this easy to do hair style, smooth waves are coming back for the winter months. Use conditioning products like Bhave Deep Intense Conditioning Masque is recommended before style to bring out the natural shine to your hair.