Saryna Key

Not content with bringing Moroccanoil to the beauty industry, the same founder of this great product – Mike Sabag, has also introduced the wonderful properties of Shea Butter to the world through the Saryna Key brand.

The natural ingredient Shea butter comes from the nuts of the African Shea tree; when ground up in a traditional manner it produces a rich butter which contains essential fatty acids, vitamins F, E and A plus proteins which are all great for improving the health and look of hair.

What to Choose

The Saryna Key brand has a number of different options to choose from when it comes to shampoos and conditioners whether you are looking for a something to boost volume, preserve colour or enhance gray hair they all contain shea butter but also a formula of other natural ingredients which are specially blended for that hair type.

To make it even simpler, and save pennies you can get a conditioner and shampoo in a duo pack.

But most importantly the blend with balance and moisturize your hair making it more manageable and healthier looking.

The Added Extras

Naturally the Saryna Key brand is going to also offer products that go the extra mile to help you with managing your hair and making it the best it can be. Items like the damage repair Shea hair oil will do great work in repairing dry and damaged hair from the first application you will notice improved shine and softness; after several applications hair will be stronger and better nourished.

For chemically treated hair a boost of Boha Shea which contains 60% keratin will improve the hair structure but also give protection from climate damage and restoring moisture to your hair.

Of if you want to get better control of curls or unruly hair a Shea cream with hold in two different strengths is a must have product, it will tame that hair and give you luscious, bouncy curls.

And if you want the full top to tail Shea butter experience then you can also indulge yourself with a body and hand butter duo that also contain the ingredients grape seed oil and chamomile extract which together with the shea butter will help lock in moisture and keep your skin hydrated, smooth and soft, couldn’t ask for more.

It’s All Good

As a brand that is passionate about using natural ingredients for its products Saryna Key is also conscious of protecting the natural environment that provides these ingredients.  All of their bottles and containers are 100% recyclable, no animal testing is used when developing products and employees are encouraged to be active and aware in their local communities.

Also, key to the brand is giving the opportunity of employment to people with special needs within the communities that they work.