Pump It Up

You may not want to go back to the extremes of the 80s with your hair volume, but for lots of hair styles you need to get some volume in there to make it work for you and avoid the limp and lifeless look. Of course, it’s all about knowing how to keep that volume there once you have built it up so let’s look at some options.

Getting the right stuff

First of all, you need to consider your hair type and how well it holds a style. Fine, straight hair is going to need more help than say course hair with a bit of a natural wave. Using a product that works on your roots such as Moroccanoil Root Boost is great for fine hair as it adds texture to the roots, giving them extra lift which in turn helps give more volume during the styling process. However, if you are just looking for something to give a bit more lift to limp hair which may also be greasy, a light-weight formula used in Bhave’s volumizing conditioner lifts the hair but also leaves it feeling full of life and soft to the touch.

To get that extra-hold in a back-comb style bring out the Keune Design Volume Powder applying it directly to the roots means that style is not going anywhere.

For that Special Effect

It may be that you are looking for a very specific finish that has volume such as the ‘just come from the beach’ look, a number of products use actual sea salt to achieve this such as the Keune Sea Salt Spray. For men the American Crew Boost Powder delivers extra ‘grit’ and strength for a quiff that will defy gravity.

For making the most of those curls you naturally have or have freshly created which deserve definition instead of frizz, the Evo Shape Vixen lotion will have them sleek and tamed but still keep the bounce and volume you love.

Of course, when styling your hair and to increase the volume your tools are important too and of course the bigger the better. To get more volume into long hair you need to be going super-sized with your styling brush such as the ceramic ones from GK Hair. Adding the diffuser to the GHD Hair dryer is guaranteed to really pump up the volume of those curls and waves.

You have the power!

Pump up the Volume!

No-body likes their hair to be flat and lifeless. Our hair is one of our defining features so if it lacks life then so do we.  There are many causes for flat hair, but all of them can be fixed. Using the right products and styling for you is the key to keeping your hair looking a full of life as you are.

The Top 5 Culprits

Thin hair. This one is genetic but can be improved with the right products and a good cut.

Grease. Washing your hair thoroughly to remove dirt and ensuring all product is washed out is there key to this one.

Fine hair. Another quirk of genetics this hair type is manageable but can lack volume due to its texture.

The wrong products. Using something not suited to your hair can weigh it down.

Bad styling. Enough said.

Thin or Fine Hair

One way of improving the volume of fine hair is to use a teasing comb to back comb a few of your locks to add a little oomph. Using a shampoo which thoroughly cleans your scalp and is designed to give you lift also helps. Heavy conditioners are a no-no as they will pull your hair down making styling in extra volume even more difficult.

The above advice also applies to thin hair but it’s extra important to choose the right products. For thin hair the best way to add consistent volume is to add extensions. Clip on style are the most versatile, but whatever you choose, have a good quality brush to keep them in tip top condition.

Grease and Product Selection

Number one rule: Read the labels! Research your products and don’t buy the first thing you see. If you hair is dry and damaged then you need products that are going to support it or else you won’t be able to effectively style it.

Even when you have the right products grease can develop through the day, weighing your hair down. A good dry shampoo is all you need. This will clear the grease and help to revive texture and volume.

Styling Tips

  • Don’t straighten hair all the way to the roots.
  • Always use protection when heat styling.
  • Give a boost to fine hair with a texturing spray.
  • Follow directions! Use the product on the correct part of your hair.
  • Invest in good brushes.

A Final Word

Everyone’s hair is unique. A product that worked for a friend might not have the same impact on your tresses. Finding the right combination of products and styling can take time and a little experimentation. Once you’ve cracked it though, you’ll be living life to the full, with volumised hair.



Celebrity look: Emma Stone, Kate Mara, Lucy Hale

A slightly angled lob right above the shoulder will add body and shape to your thin hair. Add side-swept fringe and feathery layers and you’re all volume.


Celebrity look: Cameron Diaz, Kiera Knightley

If body and volume are your long-awaited goals and you like your strands long, you can simply ask your hairstylist to add a bit of texture on the ends. Think light, slightly feathered layers that don’t weigh your hair down.


Celebrity look: Cienna Miller, Julianne Hough, Kerry Washington

The only thing better than a bob is a ruffled bob! Multiple light layers and feathered ends, as well as a slight asymmetrical angle, make this short cut an effotless one to volumize.


Celebrity look: Behati Prinsloo, Alexa ChungSuki Waterhouse

The trendy haircut is ideal for those with thin strands. The fringe adds volume and shape at your crown, while the shaggy layers can easily be transformed into curls and waves.


1. You’re using way too much moisturizing cream, which can weigh your hair down.

Instead, squeeze a pea- to quarter-size amount of the hydrating leave-in product onto one of your palms, and then rub your two hands together like you would hand cream. That way when you apply it, the product goes through evenly and actually coats more strands.

2. You only spritz your hair a few times with heat protector after you towel dry.

It’s important to spray every section thoroughly that you plan to blow-dry, curl, or flat iron.  Also, make sure to concentrate on the face-framing pieces that get the most heat styling, so your hair doesn’t become dry and brittle from the heat.

3. You’re trying to smooth frizz by patting curl cream onto the top layer of your hair only. 

But what you should really be doing to battle frizz is rubbing a quarter-size amount of frizz serum, in your palm, taking random-size sections, and twisting your curls around and around your finger, so each curl gets wave-defining attention.

4. You hold the nozzle of your hairspray too close to your hair.

Spraying hairspray too close to your hair will concentrate the formula in one spot, leaving it crunchy and not touchable. Instead, hold a hairspray about 12 inches away from your hair, aiming it at an angle so that you get a light mist all over.

5. You apply your root-lifting product quickly at your roots and that’s it.

To get major volume, you need to not only apply a root lifter to damp hair at your roots, but also throughout your hair to build body and give it structure. Then, blow-dry your hair after to let the heat lock in the lift.

How To Add Volume To Your Hair

We all want healthy, voluminous hair. But not everyone is blessed with thick hair so more often than not, we have to rely on styling to make it appear and feel twice as thick.  And the wonderful news is that we can add a boost of volume to our hair without spending big bucks on salon visits. Here are tips you can use to achieve fuller-looking hair.

Use a volumising shampoo.  To get more volume in your hair, the first step is to use a volumising shampoo when you routinely cleanse your hair. Salon quality volumising shampoos are formulated to create more volume and texture making hair appear fuller and thicker.

Use cold water as a final rinse. Yes, it may seem a bad idea to many but cold water will actually close your hair cuticles, in effect sealing in moisture and giving hair more body.

When blowdrying hair, focus on the roots for more lift and bounce. You can also use volumising hair products such as mousses and hairsprays to create volume. However, stay away from “heavy” formulas that weigh down hair.

Get the right haircut for your face shape and hair texture. The right hairstyle can add more volume to fine, flat, and even thinning hair. Ask your stylist about hairstyles that make hair appear thick and fuller.