Let’s Take it to the Max – Bulk Buying

What we are talking about here is not how high can I get my quiff, or how big can I make my Afro, no we are talking bulk buying of products. I think we all know that in the market place the more you buy of one product in one go then you can often make a saving on the individual unit price. Or, buying a much bigger size of a product is cheaper than buying two or three smaller ones. You are probably used to doing this when buying biscuits or business cards but the same applies when it comes to buying hair products.

Keep it in the Family

How many times do you go into the family bathroom and are shocked by just how many different bottles of shampoo and conditioner there are. I bet if you checked the labels on the bottles; the ingredients would all be much the same but for reasons like – “I like the colour of the bottle” or “this is the one all my friends use” are blurted out should you question the vast range and are these really valid reasons? Having a few bulk sized bottles of a shampoo and conditioner helps streamline the collection in the bathroom and certainly saves any arguments about who used up all of ‘my shampoo’? Of course you can also save money and reduce how many times you need to get new supplies when buying bigger sizes but it’s even better if you get a deal on buying complimentary items together.

Big for Business

Naturally for hair businesses it always makes sense to buy the items you use a lot of and most frequently as a bulk buy. For example it is much easier to have a big bold tub of a treatment that you regularly use than messing about with a tiny tube. Isn’t it also a plus that a free pump is usually thrown in with your bottles of conditioner and shampoo when you buy the super-sized versions, making life so much easier and saving a cost on buying pumps separately? It isn’t always about size of course, if you always need a large supply of Hair Lacquer buying a multi-pack usually means a discount on say buying five individual cans.

That Big Event

So, you are doing a film shoot or a fashion show and that’s the time to really maximise your bulk buying. Those curly tresses for a period drama are going to need a lot of help from a good curl cream to keep them that way and the film accountant will love the savings you make by buying in bulk, allowing some extra pennies for the on-site catering maybe? Same goes for that fashion show, you know there is going to being a lot of fly away hair needing to be tamed and smoothed out, so super-size for those super models.