The Case of the Clearance

If you’re anything like me, you can’t pass up a good bargain, and why should you? High quality products on offer for a discounted price? Yes, please! From shampoo to hair gels and brushes, snapping up a bargain just leaves me with a thrill. And I have exciting news for you… we are having a clearance sale!

Clearance sales are a great place to bag a bargain and save a couple of dollars on normal monthly or weekly expenses. So, have a little look through our clearance page and snap up a couple of bargains.

Coloured Hair

For those of you who, like me, live with coloured hair, you’ll know what a pain it can be to manage. First the colour starts to dull, then your hair can become straw-like and dry. It doesn’t make for good hair care to continuously dye or highlight your hair without some care in your routine. You need a treatment which protects your hair from damage while moisturising for shine.

Luckily for us, products like Keune Careline Colour Brilliance Treatment is now 50% off in the clearance sale. Massage this product through your hair and leave for five minutes in a hot towel before rinsing thoroughly for long lasting vibrancy and brilliance. Or use a treatment like Wella Brilliance Treatment for Coloured Hair with it’s triple-blend technology and luxurious diamond dust, it restores your hair to its former glory, making the colour appear richer and suppler — Now at ONLY $29.44


Finding the right products for your hair can be tricky. It’s knowing what you want to do with your hair and looking for the right effect and brand that can bring your ideas to life. Products like GK Hair Former Styling Mousse, creates definition and hold with volume while blowdrying your hair. It’s perfect for style and extra moisture, now with 15% off!

Maintaining curls is hard to do, it’s so easy for those locks to fall out or go frizzy and it seems the second you go outside, you no longer have beautiful waves but a slight crimp in your hair. NO MORE! Use Redken’s Fashion Waves 07 to keep those luscious locks in place and reapply during the day to re-animate those waves. Now only $14.95.

Many more products and items can be found in our clearance sale!

Taking care of your hair is so important, for sleek and shiny or big and bouncy, hair-care is a must. There is a product for everything, from taming frizz to creating big curls, there’s something for all types of hair. So, why not take this opportunity to treat yourself (and your hair) to some high-quality, lavish products — at a hugely discounted price, of course! Just click onto our clearance sale and start saving.