What Hair Conditioner is Best for You?

Just the same as our body’s come in different shapes and sizes and need different types of care, so does our hair. You should not consider every conditioner to be a “one-size-fits-all” type of deal. There are four things you should consider before looking into conditioners and these are whether your hair is thick or fine, treated naturally or relaxed, natural colour or dyed, and curly or straight. Here we are going to look into the kinds of conditioners made specifically for certain types of hair and how they work. Then you can choose which one is the best for you.

Thick or Fine Hair

Those people who have natural thick hair are extremely lucky. This means you do not need a specific moisturising conditioner if you have thick hair, especially if you want your hair to have volume. If your hair is coarse and dry while also being thick you should consider using a moisturising conditioner like Keune Care Vital Nutrition Conditioner. If you have hair that is thick as well as shiny then a lighter conditioner is recommended. This means that excess sebum won’t be produced, meaning your hair won’t look greasy and oily but keeps its natural shine. A daily conditioner like American Crew Daily Conditioner should do the job. On the other hand, if you have hair that is thin as well as fine, you’ll need a moisturising conditioner specifically for fine hair. A conditioner like Evo The Therapist Hydrating Conditioner is perfect for finer hair.

Natural or Relaxed Treated Hair

If your hair is naturally curly then a relaxed treatment is usually necessary from the salon. This is a chemical treatment which helps the hair to remain straight, making it easier to style and straighten your lock. With this in mind, and you choose to have the relaxing treatment you must then take very good care of your hair as it can become drier and brittle over time, especially with more than one relaxed treatment. You will need a gentle moisturising conditioner if you have this type of hair. Keaune So Pure Moisturising Conditioner is perfect for this as it contains high nourishing natural oils that replenish the moisture to your hair.

Natural or Dyed Hair

Chemical treatments like dying, highlighting, and bleaching can damage your hair depending on how often you perform these treatments. You will need a conditioner with highly nourishing elements. The conditioner should moisturise the damaged hair shafts and invigorates the scalp. You should have a conditioner with natural ingredients that has an effective emollient to create the best environment for your hair. Saryna Key Damage Repair African Shea Conditioner is perfect for restoring moisture to coloured hair.

Curly or Straight Hair

Those with naturally curly hair may suffer from greasy build-up in the scalp but have dry ends. This means that you should choose a conditioner which hydrates the hair between washing as well as being a light conditioner. A conditioner like Bhave Nourish Conditioner is perfect this type of hair.